Mexico 2 – 0 Belize

June 18, 2008

Mexico defeated Belize 2-0 on June 15, 2008, in the first leg of round 2 in CONCACAF’s World Cup Qualifier. I won’t bother writing an analysis of Mexico’s performance, but let’s take a quick look at reactions to the match.

Let’s begin with that of Mexico’s caretaker coach, Chucho Ramirez. is reporting that Chucho is looking to win in these qualifiers – not play pretty football. He’s quoted as stating that, “The qualifiers are there to win, not to be played pretty. Hopefully we’ll be able to do both [however]…in the qualifiers there is no point to playing pretty football if you’re not winning.”

Belize found much to celebrate in a match that witnessed a defensive strategy that frustrated Mexico for most of the match. Belize, who were very recently ranked last in FIFA’s rankings (now 157th), were able to effectively bunker down and limit Mexico’s chances. While the team is lacking in offensive power – be it counterattacking or forward leads – it’s showing promise as a future CONCACAF contender.

The national team will now be training in Mexico City in preparation of the second leg of the series, which is to be held in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon on June 21, 2008.

It’s important to note that this will be the final match with Chucho Ramirez at the helm. Sven-Goran Eriksson is set to take charge starting in July.

To read the full article on Chucho Ramirez, be sure to visit ESPN Deportes.

To read about Belize’s response to the first leg against Mexico, visit


3 Responses to “Mexico 2 – 0 Belize”

  1. jaime said

    mexico will beat belise 4-0 in monterrey! we dont need sven bring back lavolpe!

  2. andy said

    Belize played well but need more forward attack. Mexico tought that we were like nuts , a big bull verses a rooster, we showed them that we are from Belize. We are coming , this will be the start for belize ,so don’t under estimate us , Mexico need more loops or doops.

  3. belize need a good trainer mabe some one fron out of the country cause belize does not have good trainers.and our foot ball feels are in bad conditions.some one please help our natoinal teem.belize is hoping to meet canada on a match

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