Sven, Chucho, and Hugo. Oh my!

June 27, 2008

On Sven-Göran Eriksson:Sven-Goran Eriksson

It’s the dawn of a new era and Sven-Goran Eriksson is here to greet us.

Well not quite yet, but pretty soon he’s expected to greet us as the new manager (in it’s full capacity) of the Mexican national football team. So what can we look forward to with Eriksson at the helm?

A fully loaded squad:

At the moment, there are absolutely no friendlies scheduled for the Mexican squad prior to the World Cup Qualifier against Honduras that is scheduled for 20 August, 2008. With that in mind, Eriksson will have at his disposal the full list of European based players that have donned the national jersey including:

Antonio di Nigris (Ankaraspor), Carlos Salcido and Francisco “Maza” Rodriguez (PSV Eindhoven), Héctor Moreno (AZ Alkmaar) Ricardo Osorio and Pavel Pardo (both at VfB Stuttgart), Aaron Galindo (Eintracht Frankfurt), Rafael Márquez (Barcelona), Andres Guardado and Omar Bravo (Deportivo de La Coruña), Guillermo Franco (Villareal), Nery Castillo (Manchester City), Giovani dos Santos (Tottenham), and Carlos Vela (Arsenal).

In addition to the European based players, domestic players such as Guillermo Ochoa, Jonny Magallón, Gerardo Torrado, Óscar Rojas, Fernando Arce, Antonio “Zinha” Naelson, Jared Borgetti, Israel Castro will also be seen as the strongest and most likely contenders for a spot on the squad.

Andres Guardado compilation

A new approach to competition:

It may not seem like much at first, but Sven’s approach seems to be that of controlling and focusing the present while also keeping notes and tabs regarding the future. He says that one must think in grander terms, that one should take advantage of the situation and look ahead. Rather than waiting to see if Mexico qualifies before taking any action, one must get the upper hand and think in terms as if Mexico were already qualified. With this mind, he has sent Guillermo Cantu and Fernando Cerrilla to South Africa in order to scout locations for the Mexican squad. Locations in terms of hotels, training facilities, and practice fields.

The Future of Chucho Ramirez:

It is being reported that Chucho Ramirez has rejected an offer to be a member of Eriksson’s coaching staff, citing instead, that he believes his role as manager of the youth squads to be his calling at the present time. His main objective will be the formation and preparation, specifically, of the under-17 squad as it prepares for the 2011 under-17 World Cup and the under-20 squad as it start making its way toward the 2009 under-20 World Cup.

For now, Chucho has flown to Spain in order to join the Mexico under-15 national squad as it competes at the “Santa Orosia 2008” football tournament.

The following two groups make up the competition at the tournament:

Group A: Jacetano CF, Laredo de Cantabria; Adepo Palomeras de Madrid, SD Gernika, La Floresta de Tarragona

Group B: Mexico under-15 National Squad, Girona FC, Romo FC, La Salle Mallorca, CD Valdefierros

Today was the first day of tournament action and the Mexican squad found much to celebrate as it gained two victories:

Mexico 3 – 0 Girona de Cataluña

Mexico 11 – 0 C.D. Valdefierro

The squad will play two additional matches tomorrow, the 28 of June:

08:45 Mexico vs. Romo F.C.

17:15 Mexico vs. 2nd Place from Group B

While it had been reported earlier that a club team in Saudi Arabia had expressed interest in Chucho Ramirez, it doesn’t look likely that he’ll be heading out any time soon. He’s a trusted and beloved coach by the youth squads, and what better way to secure his job as the future senior manager? He’s bound to come back sometime. (Thankfully his time isn’t now).

And what’s left to say about Hugo?

Well there’s plenty to say about Hugo, but why bother rehashing the troubled past?

While evidently he wasn’t the greatest tactician or strategist, at least we can say that he was able to select players when their time was right. His biggest achievements include bringing Nery Castillo to the Mexican squad, incorporating Israel Castro (arguably the better right-back defender), giving Aaron Galindo another opportunity, and finally, giving Fernando Arce the shot he deserved.

For this, we can thank Hugo.

Nery Castillo – Mexico vs. Brazil – Copa America 2007 – Arabic Lesson of the Day



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  1. Grant said

    Dos Cero.
    USA 2-0 Mexico.

    We will awlyas win!

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