Mexico sacks Sven

April 2, 2009

Mexico‘s football federation announced today that Sven-Goran Eriksson has been released from his duty as the senior national team manager.

The announcement follows a disappointing 3-1 loss to Honduras in World Cup qualifying action. Despite not having won in Honduras since 1993, there was much pressure for a victory as a result of Mexico’s inability to win on the road while under the command of Eriksson. In his ten month tenure, Sven managed six defeats in eleven matches and only one victory in it’s last seven encounters.

Prior to the match against Costa Rica on March 28, 2009, Eriksson cited his knowledge of the mood and sentiment amongst the football federation. He was quoted as saying, “I know perfectly well that it is not possible for me to lose…we must win or life will be very difficult for me. I will probably be out of work.”

Mexico’s football federation president, Justino Compean, states that “we had to take action because we could not take further risks regarding out World Cup qualification; we can not simply depend upon the results of playing at home.”

Eriksson’s overall record with the Mexican side included six victories, six defeats, and one draw. Of the thirteen matches played, nine were World Cup qualifiers and four friendlies.

Sven's record with Mexico

Sven's record with Mexico

Sven is still being touted as potential Portsmouth manager and despite his lack of success with the Mexican squad, he is sure to have plenty of opportunities to prove himself – albeit elsewhere.

Best of luck to him, but most of all, best of luck to the Mexican side .


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