The following text is taken directly from Giovani Dos Santosofficial web-site.

“There have been several versions heard as to why Giovani is now playing in England’s second division, among them word that he has failed, has regressed, that he is upset that Tottenham was sending him to the reserve, etc.

It must first be said that this is not is not what was expected when Giovani chose to leave Barcelona. At the time, his intention was to have more minutes, continue with his development, and this is what was offered to him at Tottenham, a team that appeared in good position to contend against England’s top four.

Unfortunately, the Spurs did not have the results they expected – and we must be clear and honest here – and the team failed completely in all aspects. As a consequence of bad results the manager opted for illogical formations and style of play, the defense was very weak/fragile, the midfield failed to dominate, and the forwards failed to score goals.

The manager was sacked after winning only two points out of a possible twenty-seven in the league and the situation radically changed with the arrival of a new manager, Harry Redknapp. He initially utilized a formation of five midfielders and only one forward, a situation that was detrimental to all of Tottenham’s forwards. Additionally, he selected his squad based on players’ experience and he further developed his preferred approach through various signings during the winter transfer window.

Before these factors, nineteen year-old Giovani, had few opportunities to prove himself.

We must acknowledge that this is the “reality” of life; there are many situations which must be overcome.

The Spurs have been eliminated from the FA Cup, the Carling Cup, and the UEFA tournament and thus they only have one competition left: the Premiership – where Giovani would have little or no activity. The end of the season is approaching and he could have either endured through this time with Tottenham from his chair on the sideline or from the bench, both without seeing any playing time.

Gio did not want this and instead searched for and found an opportunity that would allow for playing time in England’s second division.

For some this could be an unattractive alternative; seeing it more logical to and perhaps more comfortable to stay with a Premiership side and simply wait for the summer transfer window to open to make an exit. This would be the alternative to facing head-on a situation that could be a potential catalyst for a regression in skill and form.

The decision was to go the lower division, foregoing or even risking prestige, but gaining rhythm, form, and continuity with the objective of aiding Mexico’s national team which is also in a difficult situation after poor results in its World Cup qualification.

What we are sure of is that Giovani has not given up. With his decision he is showing great maturity, that he has clearly defined goals, that he is in search of his role, all while fighting against the obstacles that have crossed his path in life.

I strongly believe that to have lived through these situations at such a young age will only help Giovani out. First as a person, in allowing him to understand the value of things and of life itself, and second, to allow him to become a great player in the future.”

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Ipswich Crest

Ipswich Crest

Several news outlets are reporting that Giovani dos Santos will join Ipswich Town FC for the remainder of this season.

If all the proper paperwork goes through in time, Giovani could play his first match on Saturday against Reading.

Ipswich Town FC confirms the signing on their web-site.

Ipswich is currently 10th in the Championship table, trailing leader Wolverhampton by twenty points.

Club Manager Jim Magilton welcomed the news, stating: “Gio has got a great pedigree having been at Barcelona and playing 30 odd games for them and…He’s played games for Tottenham in the Premier League and in Europe and he will bring some added quality to the squad. He is with us for the rest of the season and will go straight into the squad for the Reading game and be in contention to play.”

Giovani will likely see playing time considering that a key squad member, Jon Walters, has been sidelined for the rest of this season due to ruptured ankle ligaments.

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Spanish-language news centers such as ESPN Deportes and Mediotiempo have recently posted articles on their websites discussing Giovani dos Santos’s imminent departure from White Hart Lane. According to these reports, Sven-Goran Eriksson has stated that Giovani’s move from Tottenham was definite and that it would be confirmed in “the next coming days.” Sven’s statements were made during a press conference held on March 6th in which he revealed the line-up for Mexico’s friendly against Bolivia.

Despite fielding dos Santos during Mexico’s February 11th World Cup Qualifier against the United States, Sven has reiterated that he will only call up players who see regular minutes and rotation for their respective team. While voicing discontent over Giovani’s lack of minutes with Tottenham, Sven stated that he would “not reveal Giovani’s new club” but that he “support[s] his transfer.” When asked if he had any input over the young player’s decision to transfer, he replied, “no, I had nothing to do with this” but that he wants “him to play and it does not matter where.”

Though it is still unknown as to which club will host Giovani dos Santos, Sven’s statements were made at a time in which he also addressed Omar Bravo’s return to Mexico from Spain’s Deportivo La Coruña. “If they are not starters on their respective team, it is better that they return [to Mexico]. It is not about being in Europe simply to be there without playing, especially if you are only 26 or 28 years old. It is even more crucial at 18.” With regards to Giovani, Sven alluded to the fact that Giovani may be leaving the English Premiership entirely considering that “he can not, at this moment, transfer from one Premiership club to another.”

There was much speculation that Giovani was going to be sold to Lyon during the January transfer window, so could they now be at the top of the list to acquire dos Santos on a temporary loan? Will Giovani make a move back to Spain or will he stay in England but play for a Championship league team? Is a move to Mexico a realistic prediction?